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Banana Republic is...

Banana Republic is the unity of a diverse group of musicians of varied cultures brought together by the love of one music.
BANANA REPUBLIC has been together for some 15 years building on their musical talents and repertoire. They have performed at many pubs and clubs around Melbourne, social events/functions and cultural street festas.
BANANA REPUBLIC is AUS REGGAE, their own brand of reggae music, it's fun, it's party and it's danceable. Members of the audience are encouraged to participate by joining the band on stage, playing percussion and even singing!
BANANA REPUBLICS' Aus reggae is a mix of popular classic reggae standards, current TOP 40 reggae hits, and even some old rock standards all with the BANANA REPUBLIC Aus reggae work over. The band also rights original material and has had air-play both here and overseas.

Commissioned by de Republic to go forth and cause dancing and pleasure fe de people and generally fe to have de good time.